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Digitally verify your client’s identity at the precise point of digital document signing

Know with certainty that the person signing your documents is who they say they are. Livesign can also be used as a VOI standalone solution.

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Do you really know who’s signing your documents?

We all know Verification of Identity (VOI) is essential for every finance or property transaction, but did you know not all VOI methods are built the same? Have you ever stopped to consider who’s behind the keyboard signing the documents you send?

Enter Livesign: the only solution in Australia that offers simultaneous VOI and Verification of Signer (VOS).

Livesign is a revolution in identity verification behind digital signatures.

Livesign, the only app that binds digital signatures with government-issued photo ID at the precise point of signing, gives you complete confidence while saving you time and money.

  • Combining digital Verification of Identity (VOI) and digital signature into one process
  • Digitally extracting the trusted government ID photo of your customer
  • Biometrically matching that trusted image to the person behind the device
  • Providing you with the signed Client Authorisation Form and a detailed identity report

Digital signing of documents is not just a convenience but a requirement. Livesign validates a signature without face-to-face meetings.

Two processes in one

Livesign combines digital verification of identity and digital signature into a single point-in-time process. This synchronisation at the precise point of signing lets you know with certainty that the person signing is who they say they are.

Enhanced fraud protection

Reduce the risk of identity theft or land transaction fraud. Livesign’s Verification of Signer (VOS) process digitally extracts the photo from your client's ePassport and biometrically compares it to a selfie taken at the time of Identity Verification.

Reduce errors and delays

Avoid countless and costly errors that arise from documents being completed on paper such as misspellings, typos, not being signed or incorrectly dated. With Livesign, these errors are removed.

Secure and convenient data storage

Livesign offers unsurpassed client privacy and data security. You don’t have to store any identification data or documents, and they can’t be lost or destroyed. Digital records are conveniently available from anywhere, at any time.

Completing Livesign starts with an email or TXT message from Livesign support.

If you have been asked to sign a document and/or a request for Verification of Identity (VOI), you will have received an email and/or TXT message from Livesign support. You must follow the link contained in either of these messages and then the subsequent instructions.

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It’s all in the chip

ePassports – the most secure global identity document – have a chip that contains information about the holder, including full name, date of birth, nationality, and a high-resolution photo.

Livesign reads the ePassport chip to unlock the information which is then matched to the signer. At the moment of signing, the app prompts the signer to take a selfie. The selfie is biometrically face-matched to the high-resolution photo ID and simultaneously tested to ensure it is not only a real person, but the right person.

Simple, fast and reliable.

Now, anyone can know with absolute certainty who is digitally signing their documents.

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