Understand who your business is dealing with

In a world of elaborate scams and clever imposters, understanding who your business is dealing with is crucial. That’s why Livesign has been developed to make Verification ofIdentity (VOI) and digital document signing simple for high value and everyday transactions.

From standalone digital document signing to building access, no transaction is too big or too small, and no use case is out of the question.

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Signing use cases

Client Authorisation Forms

  • Powered by Livesign’s bespoke solution eCAF

Form 6

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Rental agreements

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Real estate contracts

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Loan documents

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Standalone VOI

Passwordless login

  • Need to expand on what this means

Keyless building entry

  • Biometric facial recognition to access buildings

Account opening

  • Bank accounts  Online gambling accounts  Cryptocurrency accounts  Utility accounts  Mobile phone/internet accounts

If you’ve got another transaction in mind, let’s chat.

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