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Livesign combines document signing with Verification of Identity (VOI) in real time. It’s just one simple process using sophisticated technology to provide a seamless and elegant customer experience.

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  • Available now with Mortgage Documents and Client Authorisation Forms
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  • Fill in your client’s details
  • Decide who will pay, either yourself or your client
  • Send your document pack and focus your time on productive activity

Identity verification

ePassports – the most secure global identity document – have a chip that contains information about the holder, including full name, date of birth, nationality, and a high-resolution photo.

Livesign reads the ePassport chip to unlock the information which is then matched to the signer. At the moment of signing, the app prompts the signer to take a selfie. The selfie is biometrically face-matched to the high-resolution photo ID and simultaneously tested to ensure it is a real person.

Simple, fast and reliable.

Now, anyone can know with absolute certainty who is digitally signing their documents.

A seamless e-signing and identity experience for your customer

Livesign can be integrated into your platforms via API’s or embedded into a system and tailored to match your customer journey.

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