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Why did we create Livesign?

High value transaction documents are at the heart of the financial and legal industries. They’re the key to every mortgage loan, and every settlement. So, while we may call loan documents, contracts and client authorisation forms high value transaction documents, are we really treating them as such?

When getting documents signed digitally, there’s no way of knowing who’s behind the keyboard. Verifying the identity of a client separately to the signing of documents means anyone could be signing the documents. Several cases of fraud associated with digital signatures have been reported in recent years, with devastating consequences for individuals and the reputation of businesses involved.

The team at thelawstore.com.au – owner of Livesign – recognised the inherent need across the financial and legal industries to know with 100% certainty who is digitally signing high value transaction documents. The only way to determine this is through simultaneous Verification of Identity (VOI) and Verification of Signer (VOS).

That’s how Livesign was born. We wanted to be part of the solution to financial crime and fraud, not inadvertently part of the problem. Through a change in mindset across the legal and financial industries about the importance of VOS, we’re confident that fraud associated with the signing of high value documents will be a thing of the past and we’re proud to be leading this shift.


Lara Paholski

With over 10 years’ experience in digital identification, legal and banking, as well as over 20 years in leadership roles, Lara brings a wealth of knowledge to the team especially in relation to customer, partner and stakeholder engagement.

Lara joined in the team in June 2021 and has since then worked hard to advocate for Livesign and its importance in our ever-evolving digital landscape.


Gavin Kilbride

Gavin is an exceptional leader with over 20 years’ experience in tech development. Since joining the team in 2019, Gavin has combined his expertise in product strategy and its alignment with technology outcomes to help bring Livesign to life.

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