Designed to identify and mitigate potential risks

In a digital world constantly under threat from cyber-attacks, especially where sensitive data is concerned, it’s important to partner with a provider that puts security at its forefront.

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Livesign carries ISO 27001 Certification, theworld’s highest standard in information security.

This means Livesign’ssystems, processes and technologies are designed to identify and mitigatepotential risks, making sensitive data less vulnerable to attacks.

If you’re concerned about the way client data is held, storage or redaction of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) can becustomis

The technology behind Livesign

Livesign uses a number of technologies that work together to deliver theindustry’s most seamless, secure VOI and VOS experience.

Passport Chip Reading

Livesign's chip reading solution can read the contents of the passport chip, enabling the solution to:

  • Reduce the likelihood that someone has tampered with the passport.
  • Enable high quality ID verification for holdersof foreign passports
  • Extract a high quality fully compliant photo for use in biometric likeness.
  • Extract a high quality signature photo for use as supplementary     verification.
  • Manage scenarios where the passport chip is damaged, has a weak     signal, or the device used for verification does not have NFC, Livesign’s     high quality Optical Character Recognition system guarantees that the     details read are 100% accurate.

Automatic DocumentCategorisation and Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Machine Learning algorithms are trained to identify and categorise different types of documents. OCR is an essential technology that works in partnership with Document Categorisation and enables Livesign to identify the orientation and position of certain parts of a document.

Livesign supports a variety of document combinations and types and can recognise Australian and international documents including:

  • Australian and international passports
  • Australian and international driver licences 
  • Australian Photo Card
  • Medicare, Centrelink & Veteran Affairs card
  • Australian and international birth, marriage and citizenship certificates
  • ImmiCard

Document Verification

Livesign uses a third-party AIModel to detect manipulated or forged documents, which encompasses:

  • Screen Replay Validation: The ability to identify a document that     is being re-presented via screen, such as laptop, tablet or smartphone.
  • Printed Copy Validation: Allows Livesign to detect whether a document has been printed out using either colour or black and white ink.
  • Portrait Substitution Detection: Allows Livesign to know when someone has layered an alternative photograph over an existing ID document to spoof biometric checks.

Photo Extraction

AI face detection software isused to identify the location of a face from a physical ID or selfie andensures only one face is in the frame and that it complies with the minimumfacial verification requirements for biometric checks.

Liveness Verification

Livesign’s facial livenesssoftware has been tested for demographic bias by BixeLab, a NISTNVLAP-accredited biometrics lab and was found to be unbiased.

The software wasconsistently ranked as a top performer in the National Institute of Standardsand Technology (NIST) Face Analysis Technology Evaluation (FATE) for passivefacial presentation attack detection (PAD), especially in the criticalimpersonation use case, demonstrating its robustness and proficiency in facialliveness detection.

Biometric Verification(Likeness)

Microsoft Azure Verification is Livesign’s partner for biometric verification. It utilises advanced deep learning models that have been trained on large datasets and provides a high degree of accuracy in face comparison tasks and can handle variations due to pose, expression, lighting, and other common conditions.

Liveness vs likeness

For the rundown on liveness vslikeness in a Livesign transaction, click here.

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