Signing your documents and verifying your identity is quick and easy with Livesign

If you have been sent a document to complete or a request to verify your identity, we recommend downloading our guide to discover what to do next and how to complete Livesign.

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Livesign is a revolution in identity verification behind digital signatures

It is the only app that binds digital signatures with government-issued photo ID, at the precise point of signing by:

  • Combining digital VOI and digital signature into one process
  • Digitally extracting the trusted government ID photo of your customer
  • Biometrically matching that trusted image to the person behind the device
  • Providing you with the signed Client Authorisation Form and a detailed identity report

In today’s digital environment cyber criminals are constantly looking at ways to steal your identity and money

Verification of your identity is one of the first and most important actions you will complete when buying or selling your home to reduce the risk of identity fraud and errors.

Your personal identification documents and data are not held by anyone else. You stay in control of your identity.

Completing Livesign starts with an email or TXT message from Livesign support

If you have been asked to sign a document and/or a request for Verification of Identity, you will have received an email and/or TXT message from Livesign support. You must follow the link contained in either of these messages and then the subsequent instructions.

Download the guide